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Chris Rock demonstrates his own Colorism regarding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex

Chris Rock's new comedy special on Netflix, and it was hilarious! The comedian touched on a range of topics, from race relations to the current state of the world. His hilarious performances of classic stand-up jokes and new material made the audience laugh out loud.

The comedian can be rude and offensive, but he also displays a great emotional side. Chris Rock’s new comedy special is a great example of Rock's versatility.

A part of Chris Rock's stand-up regarding Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, was really a view of colorism in the black community. It is a belief that being lighter skinned will make you it easier for you in America. He joked that Meghan Markle had won the "light-skinned lottery".

Colorism is not just racism, but a bias within racial or ethnic groups that favors lighter skin over darker skinned people. We are witnessing a self-inflicted caste system put on black people not only from other races of people, but adopted by the black people themselves that decides lighter skin is better. It is evident that this historically under classification of black people is so deeply ingrained that accepting less treatment based on color is not only normalized but laughed about.

· If one buys a one-carat flawless diamond, can they be reprimanded because their ancestors only had gold bands or nothing at all. Should they be "happy" with the one society decides is good enough for someone if they are black?

· A historically underclass employee performing well in current society should not be satisfied simply because history says their ancestors wouldn't have worked in that environment. They should be equally compensated if they performed the same job as someone not from a minority with the same performance.

· A family may be the first generation to live in a million-dollar home in a well-established neighborhood, so should they consider themselves lucky to be in the neighborhood? Do they need to not worry if the house does not meet all their expectations?

It is my belief that Chris Rock would never have made a joke about Jada Pinkett's alopecia if she were not a woman of color. Will Smith would never have disrespected and slapped Chris Rock if he were not a man of color. In addition, I would bet Jada Pinkett would not treat her husband, Will Smith, with disrespect if he were not a man of color, and neither would she publicly admit she cheated.

The extent of likely sub-conscious self-hatred and programming is apparent even among the most talented and successful black people.

In light of all of the above and the typical consequences of such heavy self-hatred programming, one can understand why people do not understand Meghan Markle's demand for respect. She doesn't want to just be at the party; she wants to dance. This is Meghan Markle's way of raising the bar on how black people and people of color should be treated.

Black people around the world act almost apologetic about being black, which is why even black people refuse to see the racism Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak of.

It's obvious that Chris Rock's stand-up comedy was hilarious. However, the assertion that the Royal Family is not racist because they expressed concern regarding the color of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s kids is highly misguided. It was in no way amusing that black people would have to resort to analyzing their child’s ears to figure out their skin color. The real reason why this dilemma goes much deeper than what was discussed on stage is due to racism. To really put it into perspective—would white couples worry about how light or dark their children will be? I seriously doubt it.

There are a number of root causes of colorism. One is the historic prejudice against people of color, which has led to a lack of opportunities and resources for those who are not white. This has created a situation where people of color are often seen as inferior, and this perception can be perpetuated through generations. Another root cause of colorism is the way that media and pop culture present people of color. Often, they are shown in stereotypes or one-dimensional ways, which can reinforce negative perceptions. Additionally, Colorism can also be perpetuated within communities of color themselves. This can happen when there is a preference for lighter skinned individuals or when certain features are seen as more desirable. Ultimately, colorism is an issue that is complex and multi-layered, but it is important to understand the root causes in order to address it effectively.

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